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Пневмоглушители - MSLE

Краткое описание:

The Dragon Shing silencer is a porous polyethylene body moulded to a polyethylene (PE) adapter.

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Спецификация MSLE:

  • Porous polyethylene moulded body allows high flow with low noise. 
  • Wide range of connecting threads available to screw into exhaust port of control valve. 
  • High noise reduction.
  • Significant noise reduction & high air flow
    With double layer design, significant noise reduction and high air flow can be achieved at the same time.
  • Easy installation
    With different adapter, silencers screw directly to the exhaust port.
  • High working pressures
    Working pressures up to 1 MPa.
  • Chemical resistance
    High chemical resistance & Rust free.
  • Maintenance free
    Oil and water are not able to affect polyethylene silencers.
Port size R1/8, R1/4, R3/8, R1/2, R3/4, R1
Medium Air
Operating pressure range 1 MPa
Ambient temperature 0℃~+60℃

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