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Датчики положения - RDKP

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Assembling style:MCKG.

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Спецификация RDKP:

  • RDKP can be applied in the strong magnetic field environment such as automotive manufacturing or areas near welding machine.
  • When RDKP detects the magnetic AC field (50 or 60Hz) it will keep the status of output and will not be effected.
Wiring method 2 wire
Switching logic Solid state output, normally open
Switch type Current sourcing
Operating voltage 10~28V DC
Switching current 5~50mA max.
Switching rating 1.5W max. (※1)
Voltage drop 5V max.
Leakage current 1mA max.
Indicator Unstable: Red LED ; Stable: Green LED
Cable φ5.4, 2C, PVC
Temperature range -10℃~+60℃ (No freezing)
Shock 30G (※2)
Vibration 9G (※3)
Enclosure classification IEC 60529  IP67
Protection circuit 3 , 4 (※4)
Weight 120g (3m cable)
Remark ※1. Warning: Never exceed rating (watt=voltage×amperage). Permanent damage to sensor will occur.
※2. Sin wave / X.Y.Z. 3 directions / 3 times each direction / 11ms each time.
※3. Double amplitude 1.5mm / 10Hz~55Hz~10Hz(Sweep 1min) / X.Y.Z. 3 directions  / 1 hour each time.
※4. 1=None / 2=Short-circuit / 3=Power source reverse polarity / 4=Surge suppression.

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