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Гидравлические поворотные зажимные цилиндры - MTH

Краткое описание:

MTHS: Single side clamping arm / MTHD: Double sides clamping arm Tube I.D. φ25, 32, 40, 50, 63 (mm). These swing clamps are used when it is required to keep the fixture workpiece area free of straps and clamping components for unrestricted workpiece loading and unloading.

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Спецификация MTH:

  • Compact design available with large range of bore sizes. 
  • Available with both clockwise and anti clockwise movement. 
  • Available with single or double arms. 
  • Available with inbuilt flow control.
Tube I.D. (mm) 25,32,40,50,63
Acting type Double acting
Medium Filtered oil
Max. Pressure 10 MPa
Operating pressure range 0.5~7 MPa
Material of cylinder barrel Carbon steel
Standard angle of rotation 90°±2°(Angles of 0°, 45°and 60°are optional)
Rotating direction Clockwise or counter clockwise

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Гидравлические поворотные зажимные цилиндры MTH, оптом и в розницу, низкие цены, кротчайшие сроки поставки, высокое качество продукции!

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