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Digital pressure sensor - VUS21

Краткое описание:

To enhance visibility, an LED display is used for the vacuum switch.

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Спецификация VUS21:

1. LED displays are used for set-up pressure and working pressure. 
2. 2-point signal output type and 1-point signal output with 1 analog output type is available. Selection by applications is possible. A connection wiring has been chosen for ease of layout. 
3. Output detection accuracy is enhanced by the use of semi conduction switch.

Current consumption 40mA max.
Pressure detection Diffused semiconduction pressure switch
Operating pressure range -100~0 kPa
Pressure setting range -99~0 kPa
Proof pressure 0.2 MPa
Storage temp.range -20~80ºC (atmospheric pressure, humidity less than 60%RH)
Operating temp. range 0~50℃ (no freezing)
Operating humidity range 35~85%RH (no freezing)
Power requirement 12~24VDC +/- 10% Ripple(P-P)10% max.
Protection structure IEC standard IP40 equivalent

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