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Параллельный захват - MCHK

Краткое описание:

Design change : Sensor switch (RK → RT / RDF)

Tube I.D. φ10, 16, 20, 25, 32 (mm). Rack and pinion construction enable synchronisation of both jaws enabling smooth and consistent gripping force.Wide range of strokes available.Dust seals protect all internal parts from ingress of dirt. Proximity and reed switches can be used with this unit.

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Спецификация MCHK:

  • Compact design to ensure minimum interference while operating; robust T rail design, ensure accurate gripping.
  • Can reach maximum torque suitable for long jaws design.
  • Circular piston-driven design ensure maximum clamping force.
  • Hose-free direct connection: Air supply channel can connect directly without piping or through tread to assure the flexibility of supplying compressed air on any kind of automation system.
  • Options: Dust protection, heat-resistance, anti-corrosion, internal mechanical gripping force safety device. (Please contact our sales representative for options.)
Bore Open: φ16×3, φ25×3, φ40×3 (mm)
Close: φ20×3, φ32×3, φ50×3 (mm)
Medium Air
Operating pressure range 0.2~0.7 MPa
Ambient temperature +5~+60℃
Lubrication Not required
Repeatability (±mm) ± 0.01
Sensor switch RK: Reed switch, RKN: NPN, RKP: PNP
Weight 0.7, 1.9, 5.8 kg

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Параллельный захват MCHK, оптом и в розницу, низкие цены, кротчайшие сроки поставки, высокое качество продукции!

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